Red Carpet Room by StyleHaus at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood

During the whole month of February StyleHaus will be at the Mondrian Hotel in Hollywood with an exclusive Red Carpet Room for celebrities, their stylists and hotel guests.  We are proud to have StyleHaus as our exclusive boutique in Los Angeles selling Crystal Heels™.

If you are in the L.A. area make sure to go to the Mondrian Hotel (8440 Sunset Boulevard  West Hollywood, CA 90069) and stop by the Red Carpet Room by StyleHaus.  You might just run into someone famous!

This month is going to be really exciting and we anticipate having a really busy awards season with many more celebrities wearing Crystal Heels™.

Here are some pictures of the Red Carpet Room at the Mondrian with their first celebrity client Randy Jackson:

Randy Jackson at StyleHaus Red Carpet Room by StyleHaus
Crystal Heels at StyleHaus

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