The Hottest New Trend: Lace

Lace, in every color, in every place; it is the current trend hitting runways all over the world. From trims, to full frocks; from frilly, frothy bits, to full coats; lace is covering everything in its sheer, seductive thrills. From bright pinks and blues, to sedated greys, and tempting black; lace is all the rage for the season.

While lace is all over dresses and jackets, the most unusual place to see it popping up is accessories. But, that is just the case! Lace has taken over in necklaces, in belts, and–even more curiously– shoes! Shoes? Yes, shoes! Shoes are an integral part to every wardrobe; therefore, it should only be expected that lace would enter the picture. All the major fashion houses have adopted the trend and are producing absolutely breathtaking results.

And, we here at Crystal Heels definitely keep our ear to the fashion ground. Following the footsteps of this whirlwind fashion phenomenon is our Dolce & Gabbana Black and Yellow Custom Black Crystal Strassed ‘Charming Coquet’ Pumps. The allure and seduction of lace, coupled with the intermittent glistening of our custom hand-strassed black crystals make this pair of gorgeous pumps a must for the season! The lace gives the crystal an added layer of elusive attraction; meanwhile, the vivid underlying yellow keeps the pump light, sweet, and not overtly revealing.

Certainly the heels of the moment; these pumps are not only timely, but they also redefine the fashion trend. Don these for any and every event; these stunningly demure heels will give any look the class and grace of lace.

Dolce and Gabbana Black and Yellow Lace “Charming Coquet” Pumps

Dolce and Gabbana Black and Yellow Lace Pumps

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