Cesare Paciotti and Crystal Heels: Where Design Meets Elegance

Just this week, we unveiled our highly anticipated, intensely striking Cesare Paciotti Custom Crystal Strassed “Angel Trumpet” Booties.
These indelible works of art are the brainchild of the match made in shoe design heaven: Cesare Paciotti and Crystal Heels.  When the precision and refined style of the Paciotti brand is married to the elegance and grace of Crystal Heels, the result is pure bliss.
Cesare Paciotti is a name steeped in family history, exotic cultural influences, superb design, and great tradition. Establishing itself as the designers of distinct style, the Paciotti brand has grown from a small shoe shop in Italy to a globally recognized and immensely coveted accessories and fashion house.
With the great prestige and flawless structure of Paciotti, it was only natural for Crystal Heels to desire to accentuate and ‘improve’ upon its perfection. By utilizing great imagination and great skill in craftsmanship, the results, as you can clearly see, are sensational.
These supremely regal booties are proof incarnate of our passion for creating unsurpassed and unique designs in shoe art.
No matter the look you want to achieve, no matter the difficulty, we can produce an unparalleled masterpiece, just like these fabulous heels. Trust Crystal Heels to create sophisticated and high-end designs, designs that will keep everyone wondering about your fashion secrets.

Cesare Paciotti Booties with Rose Gold CrystalsCrystal Booties - Cesare Paciotti

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