Um, You Have An Aurora Borealis On Your Feet…

What would you think if someone said that to you? Maybe it could be a great pickup line….Regardless, the Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is an unbelievable show of light and color. Occurring at the Northern and Southern Poles, the Aurora Borealis is a sensational dance of green and red hues over the night sky. The intermittent and sudden changes in color, leave waves and bends that boggle the imagination. But, what about the Aurora Borealis on your feet and toes? Sounds strange,  right? In fact, vastly similar to the name it bears, theAurora Borealis Crystals (or AB for short) are given to crystals that have been chemically coated to provide the specialized,
iridescent effect. This simply means that a rainbow of colors is produced, which sparkle and illuminate the material it’s attached to. At Crystal Heels we use these AB Special Effect Crystals to create stunning, and unusual works of shoe art. The AB Special
Effect Crystals give off such an amazing kaleidoscope that you, or anyone else, cannot help but stop and stare. So when someone asks what are those shoes, you can say: Crystal Heels put an Aurora Borealis on my feet.

One of our gorgeous shoes we used AB crystals on are the orange Jil Sander Crocodile Sandals; fully encrusted orange AB crystal heels, platform and the whole back of the shoe.

Crocodile Crystal Shoes

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