The Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pumps; Every Girl’s Ultimate Desire

Every girl envisions a perfect shoe. That one pair of heels that compliments everything; that one pair that says so much without her having to say a thing. That shoe is always on trend; always ready for the last minute date, the last minute party. That shoe that keeps her above the rest, and standing proud. That one design that will be her savior of the moment, and of the year.
Right now, we all know who that shoe is. That shoe is the Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pump. The Daffodile Pump is incredibly bold, alluringly feminine, and–in our Crystal Heels versions– sparkles effortlessly.
As always, Christian Louboutin is behind a style that is highly coveted by celebrities, socialites, and discerning women of every kind. First, it was the Pigalle; the ever classic design, which still has women swooning with delight. And now, Christian Louboutin sets our fashion sights to the future.
The Daffodile Pump has a phenomenal and cyber-futuristic shape; though, rounded off at the in-step, the internal platform molds into the shoe in a seamless, soft pointed shape. The heel is a stake that runs directly through the heart of every woman –and man– it meets; 6 inches of pure sex appeal.
When Crystal Heels had decided to shake the already voluptuous and desirous Daffodile Pumps with the Swarovski AB Special Effect Crystals, the result has been pure ecstasy. Generously sprinkled about, the fully hand-strassed heels are truly a step above. These illustrious one-of-a-kind, celebrity sought pumps are unique and special in every way. Don’t miss your chance to possess one of Christian Louboutin’s most beloved creations customized by our master craftsmen at Crystal Heels; because when that Red ‘Sold Out’ Sign comes up, we would truly hate for you to be disappointed!

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