Never Too Early To Finish Your List

Okay girls, we all know what’s coming up: The Holiday Season. It is the most dreaded, err…wonderful time of the year, or so as that familiar song goes… But, let’s be honest, The Holiday Season spells stress, aggravation, and exhaustion; what with all the gift buying, food preparations, family hustle and bustle…AHHH! It’s just overwhelming to even contemplate it!

The worst part of it all is that daunting list of names staring back at you. What do you get Mom? What do you get big sister Kate??? And, we all know procrastination does not serve us well. In fact, it is due to procrastinating that we often times end up buying an uninspired, generic, and underwhelming gift; I mean c’mon how many more fruit baskets or ugly sweaters do the people on your list REALLY need??? Worst than this, how many more feigned Thank Yous can you stomach?

Therefore, we here at Crystal Heels say Get It Done Early! Invest in some early bargains like our Pierre Hardy Black Suede and Strassed Crystal Heel Sandals; a particular and remarkable gift for anyone on your list (Or even as a gift just for you!).

What is the best part of giving a pair of Crystal Heels? It is the gift that keeps on giving; your gift will be exceptional, unique, and greatly appreciated by even the most discerning of women. Giving your loved ones a pair of Crystal Heels says to them: “You are Special.” It will be celebrated for that moment, for the next year, and the next year to come. After all a gift that can transcend the moment and the heart are what giving is all about.


Christmas Special: Stuart Weitzman Deep Red Crystal Shoes

– Available in 39/9 and 40/10 (please contact us for pre-orders)

Stuart Weitzman Crystal Shoes

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